Poppinghole Farm Texels

Poppinghole Texels were established in 2002 with in-lamb shearling ewes purchased from a respected Texel breeder in Norfolk. They now include stock from the best flocks in the country.

We have steadily built up the flock on our lowland farm at Robertsbridge in East Sussex, but with changing times we now only run 20 pedigree Texel breeding ewes with our commercial flock growing to 100 Texel cross ewes.

We have shown sheep over the years at many county shows such as Edenbridge and Oxted, Heathfield, South of England and the Kent County Show and have accumulated numerous prizes including a fair few championship titles.

All of our pedigree stock’s performance is recorded. The information enables us to keep breeding the very best when selecting breeding stock. This ensures that the terminal sires we produce not only look good but have proven families.

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