Fancy trying the best tasting lamb you have ever experienced direct from the farm? Why not try our prize-winning Poppinghole Farm lamb. Here at Poppinghole

Farm we are committed to raising premium quality lamb. Our lambs are born from mid-February to early spring. Then raised on Wealden pastures that contain herbs and wild flowers. They are 100% free range, ethically raised, total traceability from field to plate and great value for money. Each lamb is hand selected to ensure premium product. They are transported to the nearest abattoir keeping the food miles to a minimum.


The next lamb meat boxes will be ready mid to late September 2018.

Collection from the farm is preferred. However, if you would like your lamb delivered, please get in touch and we will endeavour to accommodate your requirements

Taster Box £35.00

2 Mini Roasting joints
3 Cutlets
3 Loin Chops
2 Chump Steaks
1/2 Leg of Lamb

Medium Lamb Box (Half Lamb Box) £70

Shoulder whole or half
Leg whole or half
Cutlets or best end joint
Loin Chops
Chump Steaks

Large Lamb Box (Whole Lamb) £140

Shoulders whole and half
Legs whole and half
Cutlets and best end joint
Loin Chops
Chump Chops


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