Sussex beef boxes, these contain fully traceable delicious meat from our small herd of sussex and sussex cross cattle. The bred of cattle are slow grown. Here at Poppinghole farm the cattle are grown on fresh Wealden grass, silage and hay produced in Poppinghole Lane. We do not over
feed our cattle on concentrates and cereals.They are left to mature natural so It can take up to 30 months for the cattle to mature. In the winter months you can see them house in pens of nice deep beds of straw, near the sheep shed whilst in the summer they graze the fields in Poppinghole lane. We hang our beef for a minimum of 21 days. (Dry aged) this makes the beef more tender and full of flavour. Sussex cattle carry a slight marbling through the meat which also contributes to amazing flavour you get from our beef.

Beef boxes are approx 10kg in weight £90

Roasting joints
Diced braising steak
diced stewing steak
mince beef
2 sirloin steaks
2 rump steaks


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