The Farm is a hive of activity this week, the sheep are getting pampered and ready for the South of England Show at Ardingly next week, fingers crossed that the sheep doing well and we get more excellent results.  The rest of the sheep are all having a well needed hair cut tomorrow….it’s shearing time so they will all feel alot cooler and lighter without their fleeces.

The new horses from Ireland are settling in very well and finding their new home most appealing.  Shane is taking 2 of the experienced horses to a Jubilee Show Jumping Event this weekend; Nancy and Soli will be going to the show and hopefully jumping plenty of clears for the team.

The mares on the farm are being checked and scanned this week to see if they are ready for breeding, with the success of using Kevin63 for previous mares who have had beautiful foals, we are looking to continue using him as the sire.  The two new foals to the farm this year are doing well and enjoying the sunshine and being able to have fun in the fields.  Paige and her foal (Connie) are now back to full health and are doing very well, thankfully.

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