Sienna X Spray Tans

Award winning Sienna X spray tans create a beautiful, sun kissed and natural looking tan. Your therapist will discuss with you what level of colour you are hoping to achieve for desired results.

Sienna X fake tan solutions leave your skin looking radiant without any of the negative side-effects from traditional tanning booths

Gone are the days of the ‘orange’ jibes that plagued the industry…

as Sienna X spray tanning now gives a gorgeous, natural- looking tan without the inherent dangers of skin damage that can result from over exposure to UVA/B rays, letting you look stunningly tanned all year round.

  • Safe – No UVA/UVB rays to damage your skin, Alcohol, Paraben & cruelty free
  • Natural looking – We have different strengths to suit your skin type
  • Good for you – No wrinkles just nourishing/moisturising ingredients
  • High profile – Top shows love Sienna X
  • Confidence boosting – You’ll love the way it makes you look and feel




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